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Grey William

Karen O’Leary (Taika Waititi’s “What We Do in the Shadows”) spielt in diesem Kurzfilm eine Reiseleiterin, die in ihrem leeren Van ‘Grey William’ nach Norden fährt – der Name eines Pferdes, dessen Herz während seines letzten Rennens explodierte.

Movie data

Year of production: 2016

Country: New Zealand

Language: English

Length: 13 minutes

Directed by: Sandy Augusto Burton

Production: Melissa Donald

Cast: Karen O’Leary, Michael Hebenton, Dra McKay

Screenplay: Sam Burt & Jeremy Liss

Camera: Tammy Williams

Cut: Toby Donald

About the director

Sandy Augusto Burton

Grey William is Sandy’s first film since graduating from the NZ Film School in 2010. In addition to his directorial pursuits he works in the art department on feature films and television throughout New Zealand. Sandy’s work explores the relationship between the hardship and the humour found in the individual's plight of the modern world.