Our intention

FFKB Connect is the title of the new event that will be presented and implemented as part of the 12th Kitzbühel Film Festival (19 - 26.8.2024). FFKB Connect is an innovative platform that forms a unique bridge between talented film producers, creatives, broadcaster representatives and funding institutions.

Perspective and vision

What is new here is the perspective: while conventional pitchings focus on the authors, at FFKB Connect film producers, broadcaster representatives and funding institutions will actively contribute their views, wishes and needs.

This comprehensive participation enables not only the presentation and classification of innovative film projects, but also a direct dialog about content that is sought by streamers or broadcasters or that is of interest to funding institutions with a future perspective for cinema culture. The vision and the individual signature of the projects remain decisive in all formats. Artistic and commercial perspectives should be considered together, complementing rather than excluding each other.

Through this interaction, FKKB Connect becomes a dynamic place for the development of groundbreaking partnerships and inspiring film projects.

FFKB Connect is also an important addition and continuation of the Alpine dating format initiated by FFKB, which now travels annually between South Tyrol, Germany, Switzerland and Austria (Kitzbühel) in the spirit of DACH cooperation.