General Terms and Conditions of the Kitzbühel Film Festival (hereinafter referred to as "FFKB")

1. scope of application

The General Terms and Conditions apply to all legal transactions between FFKB and visitors to an event in the course of the film festival. A visitor is understood to be any private individual who has purchased a ticket wherever it was purchased, won or received it for other commercial purposes. In addition, a visitor is understood to be any private person who has not purchased a ticket.

The General Terms and Conditions form an integral part of every contract between the FFKB and the contracting party, unless the applicability of the General Terms and Conditions is explicitly excluded in the contract.

The General Terms and Conditions enter into force on 24.11.2013 and are valid until revoked.

2. schedule, performance times, schedule changes, opening times and venues

Valid match schedules, match times, opening times and venues will be published in good time on the official FFKB homepage
in good time. FFKB reserves the right to adapt and change these at any time.

3. ticket sales

Valid admission prices, advance ticket sales and official points of sale will be published in good time on the above-mentioned homepage.

The sale of tickets at special conditions is only possible with proof of the same. Proof must be provided again upon admission to the event. If proof cannot be provided, the special conditions will no longer apply and the full admission price must be paid.

FFKB reserves the right to limit the number of tickets per person.

The admission tickets are intended exclusively for private use. In particular, the purchaser / ticket holder is prohibited from

  • To offer the tickets for sale
  • The private resale of tickets at a higher price than the official ticket sales price
  • Commercial resale without the express prior written consent of FFKB
  • Passing on or using the tickets for advertising purposes or as prizes in competitions without obtaining the express written consent of the FFKB in advance

If an admission ticket is offered in one of the aforementioned ways, FFKB has the right to block the affected admission tickets as well as other admission tickets purchased by the same person and to deny him/her access to the FFKB event(s) without replacement. In the event of a breach of the above provisions, FFKB is entitled to demand a contractual penalty of up to EUR 1,000 per breach.

4. card return and card loss

In principle, there is no right of return. In the event of an event being canceled, tickets can be returned within 2 weeks of the event being canceled, after which the right of return expires. The assertion of additional compensation for expenses or damages is excluded.

In the event of loss of the admission ticket, replacement is excluded. FFKB and its sales partners can issue a replacement ticket on presentation of a confirmation of loss or theft and proof of purchase. However, there is no entitlement to the issue of such a ticket.

5. lost property

Objects of any kind found in FFKB venues must be handed over to the venue staff. Furthermore, the provisions of §§ 388 ff of the General Civil Code shall apply.

6. house rules

Visitors may be refused entry to venues if there is reason to believe that the visitor(s) could disrupt the performance or pose a danger to other visitors. The applicability of the individual house rules of the respective venues remains unaffected by this.

7. image and sound recordings

Image and sound recordings of any kind are not permitted and are strictly prohibited. Failure to comply with this provision may result in civil and criminal prosecution. In the event of non-compliance with this provision of the venue, the visitor will be immediately expelled from the venue, film and sound carriers containing the film and sound material recorded during the event may be confiscated if the owner refuses to delete this material immediately.

Visitors to an FFKB event agree, without any right to compensation, to be part of any film and sound recordings made during the course of the event by the FFKB or by persons authorized or appointed to do so.

8. liability

The FFKB, its representatives and vicarious agents accept no liability whatsoever for damages suffered by visitors during an event, unless these were caused intentionally or through gross negligence.

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Terms of use

Terms of Use Filmfestival Kitzbühel (hereinafter referred to as "website operator")

1. use of the site

All contents of our website are protected by copyright. We expressly permit the use of all data for private, non-commercial use. In the event of reproduction, explicit reference must be made to the copyright and property rights of the website operator. Content may not be altered in any way and may not be used or displayed on other websites or networked computers without written permission. Any use for public or commercial purposes requires the written consent of the website operator. Any breach of these terms and conditions shall result in the immediate destruction of all printed, copied, downloaded or otherwise acquired content. The website operator reserves the right to assert further claims for damages.

2. internet pages and links

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3. upload & download

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4th warranty

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