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The Sun's Shadow

Wir leben in einer Zeit, in der sich die Beziehung des Menschen zu der Technik in einer Weise entwickelt, die vorher nicht für möglich gehalten wurde. Jetzt im 21. Jahrhundert manipuliert Technologie und Information die menschliche Psyche in direkter und effektiver Weise.

Movie data

Year of production: 2017

Country: USA

Language: German

Length: 8 minutes

Directed by: Mike McGuirk

Production: Leo Kuelbs

Cast: Margaret Baker, Riria Niimura, Jonny Footman

Screenplay: Franz Xaver von Schönwerth

Camera: John Kelley

Cut: Danielle Glynn

About the director

Mike McGuirk

Mike is a freelance independent filmmaker, writer, and artist. He is determined to craft fresh stories and innovate within entertainment industry. As a writer and director, he is engaged in developing a variety of narrative and documentary projects through his production company The American Picture Company. Mike is an alumnus of Columbia College Chicago, where he studied theater and filmmaking with related programs at Goldsmiths, University of London. He is a graduate of the Directors Guild of America Trainee Program. Presently Mike is receiving his MFA from the David Lynch low-residency writing program at the Maharishi University of Management. His films have played at Cannes, Coachella, Sarasota, and Woods Hole film festivals. Mike resides in Brooklyn, NY.