Am Erdbeerstand

Ein Mann und eine Frau begeben sich auf eine Oldtimer- Spritztour der etwas anderen Art.

Movie data

Year of production: 2020

Country: Austria

Language: German

Length: 600 minutes

Directed by: Gerald Pribek, Marc Weber

Production: Gerald Pribek, Dana Kindl

Cast: Elisabeth Kanettis, Gerald Pribek, Christop Seiler, Georg Beham- Kreuzbauer

Screenplay: Gerald Pribek

Camera: Christoph Öhler

Cut: Christoph Öhler

About the director

Gerald Pribek, Marc Weber

Born in Vienna, New Year 1986. Musician, Actor, Screenwriter, Painter. Studdied Sociology in Vienna, then engl. Literature at Huntington University in southern CA. Acting classes at Leslie Kahn in L.A. Started writing screenplays at nights after a shift as Street character on Hollywood Blvd. He was Green Lantern. A film he never saw. Back in Austria he had to sell his car to finance this, his very first film. Besides Directing and acting, he was involved in props, costume, scenery and catering.