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Alex erwacht in seinem Quartier, und sieht ein Kaninchen das durch eine geschlossene Tür hüpft. Erschrocken und fasziniert, folgt er dem Kaninchen. Der Beginn ungewöhnlicher und übernatürlicher Ereignisse.

Movie data

Year of production: 2016

Country: Australia

Language: English

Length: 15 minutes

Directed by: Huseyin Hassan

Production: Huseyin Hassan

Cast: Actor: Mark Kenfield, Actress: Nichola Jayne, Actor: Akira Bradley

Screenplay: Huseyin Hassan

Camera: Mark Kenfield

Cut: Steven Robinson

About the director

Huseyin Hassan

Huseyin Hassan (32 years old) is a writer, producer and director from Melbourne, Victoria, Australia. He being born in Australia and his family being of a Turkish decent. Since he was child he has always loved films and TV series. He always watches films and TV series to keep up to date with what audiences love and hate. At a young age he always wanted to be an actor but once matured he swapped acting over to be behind the camera instead. He admires the talented directors in James Cameron, Christopher Nolan, Quentin Tarantino, Alejandro González Iñárritu and Denis Villeneuve. One element he has also added to his filming revêtu is that he is a gamer. Games are now being adapted for screen but currently have failed to do the right thing in terms of the original content. He believes he is very capable of adapting video games as he has played many of the big game franchises. Also being a reader of fiction novels and comic books he has the talent to adapt just about anything. He was always being told by friends, family and teachers as being a very imaginative person he finally decided to take a big leap and begin his film making career. In 2014, he completed a film making course who's teachers were all current film makers. All whom have worked in major films and TV series in Australia and in Hollywood. Immediately after finishing his course he began writing short films. His first short film "Reflection" was made for the Tropfest Film Festival in Australia despite the film not making it into the festival it spurred him to learn from the experience and grow as a film maker. In 2015 he wrote a war film which was going to be his next film but due to extreme location difficulties and casting issues he decided to end the production for the time being. Not giving up he wrote "2AM" and pursued that instead. 2AM is ever growing in popularity and has currently got 24 Official Selections and 4 wins. The concept he brought to the film has been heavily praised by gamers and film makers.