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Als Kind träumt Ben davon, das Niveau seiner Lieblingssportler zu erreichen, die zu Legenden geworden sind. Während seiner Skiabfahrt teilt er seine Fahrt mit den Größten. Dieser Abstieg wird im Internet viral gehen und den Wahnsinn zukünftiger Generationen hervorrufen, die alle neugierig sind, eine solche Weitergabe zu sehen.

Movie data

Year of production: 2021

Country: France

Language: French

Length: 3 minutes

Directed by: Marc Augey & Andy Collet

Production: David Lacote

Cast: Ben Buratti

Screenplay: Marc Augey & Andy Collet

Camera: Marc Augey & Andy Collet

Cut: Marc Augey & Andy Collet

About the director

Marc Augey & Andy Collet

MARC AUGEY : Passionate about stories, his cinephile side has allowed him to develop a sensitive relationship with screenwriting. Cinema and image do not deceive, they are of a great sincerity. ANDY COLLET : A former pro skier and nature lover, he has always been attracted to photography. With time, he learned to master the natural light on grounds with often extreme conditions. Coming from the sports world, he transmits this passion in his realizations and his framings.