Bride of Frankie

In diesem dunkel komö- diantischen feministischen Nod zu Mary Shelleys FRANKENSTEIN, baut ein nicht so verrückter Wissenschaftler einen Kumpel für die einsame Schöpfung des Mentors, mit elektrisierenden und tödlichen Resultaten.

Movie data

Year of production: 2017

Country: USA

Language: English

Length: 18 minutes

Directed by: Devi Snively

Production: Agustin Fuentes, Kara Kane

Cast: Rachel Sledd, Jessica Ridenour, Sarah Murray, Mark Lancaster

Screenplay: Devi Snively

Camera: Claire Bruce

Cut: Mark Matthews

About the director

Devi Snively

Devi (pronounced DAY-vee) is a proud alumnus of the American Film Institute's Directing Workshop for Women and was selected to participate in the 2017 inaugural AFI/FOX Bridge program. Her screenplays have won over 50 awards, placing in such competitions as the PAGE Awards, Nicholl’s Fellowships, Sundance Lab and Slamdance film fest. Her films have screened at over 200 festivals worldwide, garnering awards, distribution and critical acclaim. When she’s not writing and making films, she chases monkeys around the world with her anthropologist partner.