Football and Angels

Dieser Kurz lm handelt von der Geschichte über Straßenfußball und Moskauer Engeln.


Produktionsjahr: 2016

Land: Russland

Sprache: Russisch

Länge: 15 Minuten

Regie: Aksinya Gog

Produktion: Max Volovik

Cast: Severija Janusauskaite, Nestor Shalaev

Drehbuch: Aksinya Gog, Svetlana Chernikova

Kamera: Kseniya Sereda

Schnitt: Veronika Chibis

Über den Regisseur

Aksinya Gog

Aksynia Gog was born in Moscow in 1990. Her Mother - a Ph.D in art history. Her Father - an economist and cybernetics specialist. In adolescence, she learned painting and graphic design. At 15 she graduated externally from high school and started working on television as an administrator and assistant director. She studied acting, starred in episodic roles and participated in theatre productions. In 2007 she enrolled into the Russian University of Theatre Arts (GITIS) onto the experimental directing-acting-scenography course led by E. B. Kamenkovich and D. A. Krymov. She worked in theatre as an artist and actress. Further on, she realised that she wanted to practice filmmaking, left GITIS (The Russian University of Theatre Arts) and was admitted to VGIK (The Gerasimov Institute of Cinematography) onto the film directing course led by V. V. Menshov. Alongside her training she began her professional career. She worked as a director, screenwriter and editor on nine short films, commercials, music videos, developed TV shows and series pilots. Education Russian University of Theatre Arts, acting-directing faculty, degree in “art-directing for the theatre”, course led by D.A.Krymov and E.B.Kamenkovich The Gerasimov Institute of Cinematography (VGIK), directing faculty, degree in “film directing”, course led by V.V.Menshov and V.I.Tumaeva Filmography 2016 - “О Футболе и Про Ангелов” (Football and angels) - short film for “Vibrations” anthology 2016 - “Селфи” (Selfie) - short film for “Petersburg: Selfie” anthology 2015 - “Путешествие Федора по Москве начала XXI века” (Fedor’s journey through Moscow at the turn of the XXI century) - VGIK graduation short film (24 min) 2013 - commercial “Usual Suspects” 2012 - “Семья” (Family) - short film (10 min) 2012 - “Шуруповерт” (Screwdriver) - short film (6 min) 2011 - “Как же мне надоели твои чудеса” (Fed up with your magic tricks) - short film (6 min) 2011 - “Опасная Зона” (Danger zone) - short film (2 min) 2011 - “В поиске” (In Search For) - short film (6 min)