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Every victory, shiny gold medal, and coveted crystal globe is built on a skier’s passion, dedication, and hard work chasing a childhood dream. For Marta Bassino, skiing is second nature and winning the obvious thing to do. But while she makes it all look easy, there is a whole well-oiled machine helping her carve her path to glory. This is her story, the story of an alpine skiing World Champion.


Produktionsjahr: 2021

Land: Italien, Frankreich

Sprache: Italienisch

Länge: 3316 Minuten

Regie: Marc Augey

Produktion: SALOMON, David Lacote

Cast: Nicht angegeben

Drehbuch: Marc Augey

Kamera: Marc Augey & Vincent Ricci

Schnitt: Marc Augey

Über den Regisseur

Marc Augey

Passionate about stories, his cinephile side has allowed him to develop a sensitive relationship with screenwriting. Cinema and image do not deceive, they are of a great sincerity. Major of higher education and director within PVS Company, his learning has no limit and allows him to touch all kinds of projects (advertising, documentary and short fiction).