Sound of the City is an absurd tragicomedy about an artist in a creative crisis, an examination of the creative process and a short film about music and passion.


Produktionsjahr: 2021

Land: Deutschland

Sprache: Nicht angegeben

Länge: 7 Minuten

Regie: Elsa van Damke

Produktion: Nadezda Bobyleva

Cast: Idil Ünert, Jens Weisser

Drehbuch: David Lorenz

Kamera: Oliver Kiedos

Schnitt: Angela Tippel

Über den Regisseur

Elsa van Damke

Elsa Van Damke, born in Berlin in 1994 has always been tiny and loud. She started directing at the Young Theatre of the Köpenick City Theatre. She began a degree in journalism and after the third semester, that focussed on audiovisual media and filmmaking, she fell in love with the profession and switched to study audiovisual media and camera technology. Her thesis short film is "OH SH*T!". Elsa received the award for best newcomer in directing at the Snowdance Independent Film Festival.