Now or Never

Frei nach dem Motto “Now or never” führt uns Nadine Wallner, zweifache Freeride Weltmeisterin vom Arlberg durch ihr Leben - spitzbübischen, amüsant, grenzgängerisch.


Produktionsjahr: 2018

Land: Österreich

Sprache: Deutsch

Länge: 21 Minuten

Regie: Simon Platzer

Produktion: Whiteroom Productions

Cast: Nadine Wallner

Drehbuch: Jakob Schweighofer

Kamera: Jakob Schweighofer, Simon Platzer, Johannes Hoffmann

Schnitt: Simon Platzer

Über den Regisseur

Simon Platzer

We all started our visual journey being climbers, skiers and skaters living life to its fullest and expressing ourselves through sport and its lifestyle. This inspired a creative process and we began to document those things we were so fascinated about until we found ourselves obsessed with film work and photography. In 2010 our paths crossed by chance and we ended up doing our first ski movie together. Since then we have travelled the world capturing intensive moments.