Weißwurst Brunch with our Jury

Mittwoch, 26.8.2015 um 11:00Uhr

Bavarian Veal Sausage (Weißwurst), Pretzels and Wheat Bear with the Jury

Wheat Bear, sausages and pretzels belong to the country side and mountain life. Accordingly, to the Filmfestival Kitzbühel. On Wednesday, August 26th at 11.00 am, the jury will meet up for a traditional brunch with pretzels, sausages and beer with film makers participating in the Filmfestival Kitzbühel 2015, at the F. Reisch Bar at Sporthotel Reisch. And anyone who likes sausages, pretzl and beer can join!

An official invitation is not necessary.

An guadn!


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