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Similar to the Filmfestival Kitzbühel that spotlights debut films and encourages young international filmmakers, the aim of the Institute of the Filmfestival Kitzbühel is to support German speaking screenplay writers from Austria and Europe.

Events, workshops, seminars, lectures and meetings are organized in order to promote the upcoming filmmakers and to facilitate networking and competitive advantages within Europe and throughout the world. The most important project of the Institute is the “Drehbuchklausur”, a screenplay writing workshop.

What to do after the first screenplay? Join the Drehbuchklausur of the Institute of the Filmfestivals Kitzbühel! The screenplay workshop addresses writers who are working on their second or third script. Irrespective of the success of their first screen production, authors are under a lot of pressure. Many filmmakers wonder: how can I meet all the expectations? The market follows its own rules and the competition never sleeps.

The Drehbuchklausur starts off at this exact point. It gives the participants a chance to further develop their projects, exchange opinions and to network with colleagues and experts from the film industry. The founders Michael Reisch and Andrea Christa wish to help the participants prepare for the ever-changing national and international competition and to become qualified for the complex demands of the market.

We are certain that after 19 days of the Drehbuchklausur, with all the valuable stimulation and support, the participants will face their future tasks with strengthened confidence and enhanced abilities.

Andrea Christa, President of the FFKB-Institute


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