Script Retreat 2014


As part of the Film Festival Kitzbühel 2014 that is committed to the presentation of debut films and the promotion of "young", international filmmakers and has since 2013 created thus a meeting place for international talent, was the establishment of the institute is also supporting, promoting and training for German-language scriptwriters at the center.

The intensive three-week working and writing exam offered the scriptwriters the ability to work on the strengths of their project and thereby to exchange ideas with colleagues and experts from the film industry on an equal footing and to network.

Since being determines consciousness, but the combination of work and summer impacted in Kitzbühel positive effect on the creative writing process. Ideal conditions to create scripts that inspire their audience and be entertained.

Bilder Institut 2014

Impressionen unserer 1. Drehbuchklausur 03.-22.08.2014

Topics 2014

• Pitchings (mit Videoanalyse in der Gruppe, am Beginn und Ende der Klausur)

• Synopsis – Logline (vor und nach der Klausur)

• Charaktere, Dramaturgie, Genre, Dialoge, Sprache

• Case study

• Überblick zur aktuellen Entwicklung im Urheberrecht (RA Dr. Harald Karl)

• Cross-Media Potential – Digital World (Karol Martesko-Fenster)

• „Decision-makers zu Gast“ (Institutionen stellen sich vor)

TutorInnen 2014

In the period from 03 to 22 August 2014, we offer the authors and filmmakers following options to work in peace and concentrate on their treatment and script can, at .:

• tutors and domestic and foreign experts from the film and media industry (German-speaking), who are the participants with advice to and with whom you can work out in particular the strengths and the unique feature of the project.

• experts from the Austrian and European film and media industry who give their keynote speeches important suggestions for their own work and learn about current trends in the market

• Lectures and / or chat rooms, the new perspectives on their own creations open (can)

Projekte 2014

Kurzinhalte & Loglines aller Projekte der Teilnehmer 2014

Allgemein 2014

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