FFKB 2015

Management of the Jury

Angelika Krüger-Leißner

Born and raised in Eastern Germany, Angelika Krüger-Leißner studied History of art and history, before she worked as a specialist teacher for 13 years. Since the reunification she has been politically engaged and was head of the cultural, educational and social department of the Havelland district from 1990 to 1998.

From then on Angelika Krüger-Leißner was member of the Bundestag committee responsible for culture and media and since 2009 deputy chairwoman of the social committee. From 2005  onwards she held various positions e.g. member of the administrative board at the German Federal Film Board, member of the federal Film Commission, chairwoman of the german-french Film Commission, member of the preselection jury for the
Deutscher Filmpreis.

From 2005 to 2013 Krüger-Leißner also acted as film-policy spokesperson for the SPD parliamentary group in the Bundestag and was member of the SPD Medienkommission, during which she published various articles and papers concerning german film funding. Jury member 2014, coordination of Jury work as well as jury member 2015 at the Filmfestival Kitzbühel.

Feature Film

Heinz Badewitz

Heinz bathing joke, born in Hof, was trained as a draftsman. In 1963 he moved to Munich to study at the German Institute for Film and Television (DIFF), the later HFF Munich. In 1965 Badewitz worked as a camera assistant, Trick cameraman and director of short films. In 1967 he founded, together with other filmmakers the Hof Film Festival, which he heads today.

Moreover Badewitz since the early seventies, worked as assistant director and production manager. He was involved, inter alia, for the distribution of the New German Cinema at home and abroad through his work in the film publishing house of the authors. From 1977-2014 he curated the German Cinema of the Berlinale.

Arno Ortmaier

Arno Ortmair developed and for many years produced successful television and movies and is an expert in international co-productions and film financing. He also has a Creative Producer excellent contacts with national and international directors and actors and has extensive know-how when joining the creative elements.

In 1984 Ortmair founded his production company Film Line Productions GmbH as a service production for American and British productions which resulted in excellent to successful, with numerous awards
has developed creative solutions (Bambi Award, International Emmy Nomination, FFF Award, Romy Award, Jahresbestquotensieger at home and abroad). Film Line is headquartered in Munich's Bavaria Studios with offices in Berlin and Vienna, and an acquisition of Representatives in Los Angeles. In 1995 he also founded the Austrian film production company Eclypse movie Partners in Vienna.

Ortmair is since 2010 CEO of the Association of German film producers. In addition Ortmair member producers Association Film Austria, member of the tender commission of the FFA, Alternate Member of the Board of the FFA, member of the Presidium of the SPIO, and much more ...

Peter Patzak

Peter Patzak
Peter Patzak
Peter Patzak was born in Vienna. Director, painter, author. He studied psychology, art history and painting. First exhibition under the patronage of Albert Paris Gütersloh. Mid-60s, he was invited to the "Films of Art" show to New York. From 1968 to 1970 he worked in New York at Experimental and short films. To date, around one hundred scenic work for cinema and television emerged. Among Kassbach by Helmut Zenker, The Unicorn by Martin Walser, Mrs. Berta Garlan by Arthur Schnitzler, Wahnfried - Richard and Cosima, the official contribution to the Cannes Film Festival. After returning to Vienna, he turned in 1972 his first feature film The Situation. Since 1990 he has o. Univ. Professor at the University of Music and Performing Arts in Vienna.

Since 2008, Head of Institute of Film and Television. Peter Patzak acted in many of his films as a writer, co-writer and producer. Many of his books have also been set to music, among others also his last novel The spirit of color is the published of 2005. His play Act - married in silence premiered 2008 at the city theater Vienna. In Ralph Klever Verlag prose text was published in October 2008 to work in the theater as a book.

Daniel Wolf

Daniel Wolf
Daniel Wolf
Daniel Wolf, a lawyer and writer and author, born in 1962. He lives since 1995 as a writer in Munich and since 2013 works as a marketing manager at Sixt car hire. Education: 1983 - 1989 Studied law at the LMU Munich. From 1986 to 1994 he worked as a security guard with the airline EL AL, Munich. 2001 to 2002 he was involved in the Drehbuchwerkstatt Munich. His marriage had two children.


Dr. Klaus Schäfer

Klaus Schaefer
Klaus Schaefer
From 1973 to 1977 Studies of law and business administration in Frankfurt and Munich. First State Examination 1977 in Munich, second state examination in 1980 also in Munich. 1981 doctorate on a topic of copyright law at the University of Munich.

From 1977 to 1980 Fellow at the Max Planck Institute for international copyright and competition law. 1980-1981 lawyer. 1981-1984 legal assistant in the Bavarian Ministry of Culture. 1984bis 1987 Speaker on matters of education, science and culture in the Bavarian Representation in Bonn. 1987-1989 Head of the Bavarian State for science and art. 1989-1995 Head of Media Policy and Media Law at the Bavarian State.

1996-2000 Deputy Director and since 01.01.2001 General Manager of FilmFernsehFonds Bayern GmbH, Society for the Promotion of media in Bavaria. Member of the Supervisory Board of the International Munich Film Weeks GmbH; Member of the Advisory Board of the German Federal Film Fund (DFFF); Member of the Advisory Board of the Ilse-Cuba-
Schewski Foundation Munich; Honorary Professor at the University of Television and Film Munich.

Dr. Wolfgang Ramml

Wolfgang Ramml
Wolfgang Ramml
Dr. Wolfgang Ramml, film producer, was born on April 14th, 1966 in Vienna.
He holds a Ph.D of Economics and for about 30 years he is been working in
the film industry. In 2015 Dr. Ramml was the Austrian line producer (with his
production company “Filmhaus GmbH”) for the shooting in Austria/Tirol of
the recent 007 James Bond feature film – SPECTRE. For over five years he
was member of the Austrian Filminstitute (ÖFI) and as well one of the decision makers of the Commission from ORF and ÖFI. In 2013/14 he was the co-producer of “HommeLess” (Director: Thomas Wirthenson). A thrilling story of an actor in NYC and his struggle to survive – living on a rooftop since 6 years and his experiences during the Wall Street occupancy. This was a co-operation with Karol Martesko-Fenster, the producer of “Bengali Dectectives”. Festivals: BEST DOCUMENTARY KITZBÜHEL FFKB 2014, HOF FF, DOCNYC – Won Best Documentary. CORK Filmfest., MELBOURNE Filmfest., Saratosa Filmfest., DocAviv, AFI Fest a.o.

In 1995 he was the Austrian Co-producer of „Before Sunrise“. He ran two film productions in L.A. and Bangkok.

Georges Luks

Gerges Luks
Gerges Luks
Georges Luks, (CH), TV-Producer was born 1952 in Switzerland who began
his professional career as an art critic, journalist and curator for national
and international exhibitions and international cultural magazines (1985 - 1994).

Since 2001 he is a member of the International EMMYS, New York/USA.
He now is a TV-Producer, moderator for culture and entertainment at Swiss Television; Head of entertainment for Television Swiss 4 and Head of communication and Strategic Development. In 2011 he was the Commissioner and Curator for the official Bulgarian Pavilion at the 54th Biennale di Venezia. Since 2008 Luks is President of GERSHON BULGARIA and since 2007 CEO and owner of TV Audience Measurement (Bulgaria and Mexico). Prior to that he was Professor at the Academy for applied Arts Biel-Bienne Switzerland (1994 – 1999) and from 2000 to 2006 at the Institute for Advertising and Television Zurich Switzerland.

1998 to 2006 President of the Museum for Photography PASQUART in Switzerland. From 2000 till 2006 he was the CEO and President of the International Television Festival „Rose d’Or“ in Montreux and Lucerne, Switzerland.

Short film

Mucky Degn

Mucky Degn
Mucky Degn
Mucky Degn was probably one of the first women in Austria, which was formed in the 70s to sound and camera assistant - then 16 and 35 mm film. As part of the ORF-regionalization Degn film moved in 1976 from Vienna to Dornbirn and supported the TV building the ORF regional studio Vorarlberg. 1980 relocation of company headquarters from Dornbirn to Salzburg. In addition to corporate offices in Innsbruck and Wiesbaden. Early 80s were invested in broadcast vehicles and live entrances of the Salzburg Festival, the Frankfurt Book Fair as well as into various sports. 1981 Birth of daughter Susanne - completion of extensive travel and change in the administration, acquisition and editing.

Countless movies for many TV stations, industry and commerce, tourism, advertising. From 1991, editorial responsibility and implementation of regional Seitenblicke "Salzburg glances" - for 23 years of production of the program for the ORF Centre Salzburg. From 2004, managing alone the owner Degn film. was Over the 40-year history
Degn film with numerous awards. The highlight was the presentation of the Emmy Award to Günter Degn as a cameraman for Sound of Christmas with Julie Andrews, Placido Domingo & John Denver.

Michael Walde-Berger

Michael Walde-Berger
Michael Walde-Berger
Michael Walde-Berger is a film and theater actor, and synchronous
speaker. He is born in 1963, lives and works in Munich, he made his acting training, among others at the Lee Strasberg Institute (Charles Laughton, Irma Saundrey) and div. Acting workshops in New York Anthony Quinn and language and singing with John Harris, N.Y. and On-Camera Workshop in Florida.
Since 1988, he took over inter alia many film roles in "Andreas Hofer" directed by Xaver Schwarzenberger (Satel Film) the role of the Freedom Ring. v. Lichtenthurn. In "Rabbit Hunt" by Andreas Gruber He played the Soldier Fritz Stangl; in
"Bockerer III" by Franz Antel he gave the lieutenant-Steiger. As an actor in many TV series ( "Walde's Lust", "Rosenheim Cops", "Copstories" etc.) it is known to a large audience. So he led in 2010 and 2013, "Soko
Kitz "twice to Kitzbühel. Michael Walde-Berger has remained but the theater stage always connected.

Recently in "The misunderstanding" (Albert Camus) as "Jan" under the director Klaus Rohrmoser, Projekttheater Hall near Innsbruck. He also works as a voice actor in English, German and dialect.

Susanne Michel

Susanne Michel
Susanne Michel
Susanne Michel was born in Vienna. After graduating studied theater and art history, then acting training at drama school Krauss in Vienna. Theater engagements et al at the Kammerspiele, Rabenhoftheater, Ensemble Theater am Petersplatz, Small comedy. For many years, Susanne Michel is mainly active as a television actress in Germany and Austria and worked in more than 50 television movies and series such as Inspector Rex, Stockinger, White Blue Stories, Family Dr. Kleist, Balko, two professionals, The Love Boat, Rosenheim-Cops, Der Bergdoktor, Der letzte Bulle, Soko Leipzig, Crime scene, The Winzerkönig (34 episodes). Starring roles in numerous "romantic comedies" such as morning we dream together, love on 4 paws, the Ferienarzt, paradise for animals, The treacherous Collier u.v.m. Last Susanne Michel stood for Soko Wien and The mountain rescuers on camera.


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