Azul Caverna - Maria Justus - Felix Rodewaldt - Viron Erol Vert

This year’s exhibition - on occasion of the second Filmfestival Kitzbühel - is entitled Interfaces. In continuation of last year’s concept, four young and upcoming artists dedicate themselves to a theme with cinematic reference: The Interface.
Works by Azul Caverna (Argentina), Maria Justus (Germany), Felix Rodewaldt (Germany) and Viron Erol Vert (Germany / Turkey) are on display. It is the second exhibition at Galerie Zeitkunst in Kitzbühel curated by Nina Neuper and Antonella Schmidt.

In film, the interface consists of an intensive review of the material in course of constant material evaluation, selection and arrangement. The final arrangement of staged and real scenes conveys the envisaged message, a certain feel. The same is true for the fine arts. The artwork as interface between the artist and the viewer serves communication. The artist intensively deals with the content of his work before he brings it into form. Structure, construction and form are chosen individually. The presented works within the frame of the exhibition Interfaces are dominated by autonomous and overlapping elements as well as by colour systems, patterns and complex collages. The artworks are influenced by history, memories, symbols, external influences and inner feelings. The completed work, the interface, is a mysterious, many-faceted place of interaction; it mediates between two realities, the one of the artist and the one of the viewer. In doing so, the interface is an object, independent area of activity and limit at the same time.

According to Alexander R. Galloway, the interface is not only representational. Instead, it is a process that provokes all sorts of effects. Even the interface itself is an effect, as it constantly inspires and motivates the artist to transform material conditions. It raises specific questions and simultaneously suggests certain possibilities of answers. The viewer‘s cosmos of perceptual opportunities is greatly extended by the artist.


9. August 2014, 7 p.m.

Duration of exhibition, 10. August - 24. August 2014

Zeitkunst Galerie Kitzbühel, Hammerschmiedstrasse 5, 6370 Kitzbühel, Austria


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